Olga Ziemska – Stillness in motion

Posted by Fabio 15 February 2013

Stillness in motion: The Matka Series is a new body of work that explores the concept of place. In this ongoing series Olga Ziemska will be using locally harvested trees that grow native to an area to create a female figure in different countries all around the world. read more

Silvia Hatzl – A Fragile Existence

Posted by Fabio 9 January 2013

A Fragile Existence is the UK solo exhibition by German artist Silvia Hatzl. The exhibition will showcase her sculptural clothing, distorted torsos and heads which explore the illusion of clothing as a concealment of human nakedness. read more

Saad Qureshi

Posted by Fabio 3 December 2012

Saad Qureshi probes the psychology of flawed visual perception and it’s endless distortions of reality through the disciplines of installation, sculpture and painting. Qureshi’s emotionally and aesthetically beautiful work tackles his empathetic concerns for the migrant and his fantasies, desires and frustrations and his alienation. read more

Alina Szapocznikow: Sculpture Undone, 1955–1972

Posted by Fabio 26 November 2012

A sculptor who began working during the postwar period in a classical figurative style, Alina Szapocznikow radically reconceptualized sculpture as an imprint not only of memory but also of her own body. read more

Damien Hirst’s Verity statue

Posted by Fabio 29 October 2012

Damien Hirst’s 66ft sculpture of a naked pregnant woman will remain in the seaside town of Ilfracombe in Devon for 20 years. The statue of the woman – named Verity – holding aloft a sword and standing on a base of legal books is meant to be a “modern allegory of truth and justice.”

Andy Vible

Posted by Fabio 29 October 2012

American artist Andy Vible makes life-size sculptures of human bodies whose heads have been replaced by everyday objects. These objects determine the action the bodies are engaged in (sitting, eating, drinking, knitting, etc.). The object interacts with the action, making the piece a self-referencing loop. read more

Cloud: An Interactive Sculpture Made from 6,000 Light Bulbs

Posted by Fabio 28 September 2012

CLOUD is a large-scale interactive installation by Caitlind r.c. Brown for Nuit Blanche Calgary. Created from steel, metal pull-strings, and 5,000+ light bulbs (both illuminated and burnt out) CLOUD asks the viewer to participate by experiencing the work first hand – standing beneath the structure and pulling lights on and off, creating the flickering aesthetic of an electrical cloud. read more

Sarah Lucas – Ordinary Things

Posted by Fabio 13 September 2012

Ordinary Things takes Sarah Lucas’ recent series of sculptures ‘NUDS’ (2009-) as a starting point, looking forward and backward across an artistic practice that has engaged with the possibilities of sculpture for over two decades. Many exhibitions of Lucas’ work have focused on her as a central player within British art in the 1990s. read more