Angelika Loderer

Posted by Fabio 11 September 2012

Beautiful sculptures by Austrian artist, Angelika Loderer. read more

Thomas Doyle

Posted by Fabio 31 July 2012

New York based artist Thomas Doyle creates complex miniature worlds. read more

David Cerny – London Booster

Posted by Fabio 27 July 2012

World-renowned Czech sculptor David Cerny is to unveil his first major, public commission in London for over a decade. Entitled, London Booster, this extraordinary sculpture consists of a double-decker London bus manufactured in 1957, which Cerny has fitted with enormous mechanical arms allowing it to do press-ups. read more

Bruce Beasley Retrospective

Posted by Fabio 12 July 2012

Prolific sculptor, Bruce Beasley ranks among the most productive sculptors of the post Henry Moore/David Smith generation of abstract sculptors. At the age of 21 he became the youngest artist to ever have work collected by New York’s Museum of Modern Art. read more

Bert Simon – Paper Sculptures

Posted by Fabio 28 June 2012

Paper sculptures by Dutch artist Bert Simon. read more

Dietrich Wegner

Posted by Fabio 27 June 2012

The ephemeral beauty of a mushroom cloud is frightening, how it floats for a minute, delicate and blooming, yet remains chaotic and utterly destructive. We experience a contradiction between what our eyes enjoy and what our mind knows. It is this conflicted experience Dietrich Wegner’s work strives to evoke in a viewer in order that we will have a sparked curiosity and unstable assumptions.

Maskull Lasserre – Outliers

Posted by Fabio 25 June 2012

Animal tracks are reproduced onto the soles of shoes that are worn to leave prints in urban areas. Outliers is an ongoing project by Canadian artist Maskull Lasserre. read more

Hyper Trophies

Posted by Fabio 31 May 2012

Moving still portrait sculptures created by Zeitguised in collaboration with Berlin fashion label Franzius and ProdCo Stink Berlin.