Steffi Klenz – So To Speak

Posted by Fabio 12 December 2018

So To Speak tells the story of a separation through visual poetry and photographic imagery. The writing and photographs are the product of the period of one year of grief the artist experienced after the moment her long-term relationship ended and while still living in the same house as her former partner. read more

Same Paper

Posted by Fabio 11 December 2018

Same Paper is a Shanghai-based self-publishing studio, founded by photographer Xiaopeng Yuan and graphic designer Yijun Wang (Evan) in 2013. Since then, the studio has published 10 photo books with several photographers and organized events & exhibitions revolved on photography and self-publishing. read more

Thomas Albdorf

Posted by Fabio 26 November 2018

Thomas Altdorf’s main interest focuses on photography and sculpture – in particular, the intersection area between both practices, their shifting perceptions, the contemporary status quo of the photographic image and the decontextualization caused by internet distribution read more

Catherine Hyland – Sumos

Posted by Fabio 23 November 2018

How does a landlocked country with a population of 3 million manage to maintain its identity against the hyper-nationalism of neighbours like Russia, China and Japan? This is the question posed in Sumos, a project that focusses on Mongolia’s astonishing success at Sumo Wrestling. read more

Jamie Chung

Posted by Fabio 22 November 2018

Jamie Chung is a still-life photographer who manages to turn the simplest, every-day objects into pieces of wonder. His career launched when he won the Surface Avant-Guardian competition no more than a year after graduating from Parsons in 2007. read more

Adrian Samson

Posted by Fabio 16 November 2018

Born in Slovakia, Adrian Samson now lives and works in London. His still lifes and portraits display an instinctive use of light and shadow and a cinematic sense of drama, with colours and forms that leap off the page. read more

Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas

Posted by Fabio 13 November 2018

A collaboration between Burberry and artist and photographer Juno Calypso, starring Matt Smith, M.I.A., Kristin Scott Thomas, Naomi Campbell and Valerie Morris-Campbell. read more

Annelie Vandendael – Sois Belle

Posted by Fabio 13 November 2018

Sois Belle is a photographic project series from Belgium based Photographer Annelie Vandendael. Annelie studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Kask) in Ghent where she got a master degree in Photography. Image-making has always been a passion of her. read more