Midwest Sentimental by Nathaniel Grann

Posted by Fabio 10 February 2020

Midwest Sentimental is a photobook by Nathaniel Grann, a photographer and photo editor from Minnesota currently living in Los Angeles, CA. read more

Fabien Fourcaud – Off Season

Posted by Fabio 24 January 2020

Every winter, seaside resorts built for summer activities are abandoned by vacationers. If the concept of « territory » means a relationship between the people and a specific space, what does it mean if this territory stops to be frequented and used? read more

Florent Tanet

Posted by Fabio 21 January 2020

Florent Tanet is a French photographer and art director working and living in Paris . In 2013 he devoted himself exclusively to photography and art direction with a strong interest for still-life. read more

Robin Lopvet and Léo Aupetit – Inde & 100

Posted by Fabio 17 January 2020

A selection of photographs taken from the Inde & 100 series by Léo Aupetit and Robin Lopvet. For their first collaboration, photographer and artist Robin Lopvet and Léo Aupetit fantasize about how precise memories could be erased to make way for mythology. read more

Silvia Rosi – Self Portrait as my Mother

Posted by Fabio 16 January 2020

Silvia Rosi’s work explores her personal family history drawing on her Togolaise heritage, and the idea of origins. Her mother, who has been the source of inspiration for much of her previous work, plays a central role in this project read more

Joel Jimenez – When the Dust Settles

Posted by Fabio 18 December 2019

When the Dust Settles is an exploration of the psychological landscape of our contemporary society. As we immerse ourselves in a performance-driven culture marked by the excess of desires and the saturation of information, we’ve grown to understand our hyperconnected world by the immediacy that follows our everyday lives read more

Izzy de Wattripont

Posted by Fabio 12 December 2019

A selection of work by Bristol-based freelance photographer, Izzy de Wattripont. Her work focuses on youth and identity on celebrating the act of taking part, of learning new skills and of being part of something bigger than just yourself. read more

Jan Svoboda: Against the Light

Posted by Fabio 11 December 2019

Against the Light marks the first major UK presentation of Czech photographer, Jan Svoboda (1934–1990) since his first solo exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery in 1982. His groundbreaking experiments with form rank him as one of the world’s pioneers of photographic appropriation and forerunners of conceptual photography. read more