Mary Ellen Bartley – 7 Things Again and Again

Posted by Fabio 2 June 2020

7 Things Again and Again an online exhibition of new still life photographs by Mary Ellen Bartley made each day during the month of April. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of 7 Things Again and Again will go to benefit the God’s Love We Deliver Covid-19 Emergency Fund.

Known for her exploration of the tactile and formal qualities of books, Bartley was in the midst of her residency at Giorgio Morandi’s studio and library in Bologna, Italy when the pandemic began. As Italy shutdown, she returned to her home in Sag Harbor, New York to shelter-in-place. There, Bartley assigned herself a project inspired by Morandi’s process of reduction, repetition and restraint as a vehicle for meditation and introspection. Bartley chose a set of seven common household items, and committed to photographing them each day for the thirty days of April.

Mary Ellen Bartley
7 Things Again and Again
Yancey Richardson – Online Viewing Room
Runs until June 20, 2020