Mercedes DeBellard

Posted by Fabio 9 November 2017

Mercedes DeBellard is an established illustrator from Madrid, Spain. Having worked with the likes of Warner Brothers and Random House. Her portfolio of celebrity portraits and character designs showcase realist drawing skills with a delicate ethereal touch. read more

Zhu & Nero – Dreams

Posted by Fabio 5 November 2017

Music video for ZHU and NERO’s track “Dreams” by Los Angeles-based director Elliot Sellers and visual effects artist Erik Ferguson.


The Anonymous Project

Posted by Fabio 3 November 2017

From the period of the early 1950s, when prices for color photography had dropped to where it became accessible to non-professionals, to the rise of digital cameras, color photography soon developed into the dominant medium to capture daily life. read more

Jun Cen

Posted by Fabio 3 November 2017

Jun Cen is an award-wining artist from China currently based in New York, and his illustrations and animations are just wonderful! read more

Björk Announces ‘Utopia’

Posted by Fabio 2 November 2017

‘Utopia’ is the ninth studio album from Björk, out November 24th via One Little Indian Records. The album is written by Björk with five of the 14 songs co-written by Arca and one of the songs co-written by Sarah Hopkins. read more

Pombo Loves You

Posted by Fabio 27 October 2017

A distant father confronts a heroic but troubled past-life as an ’80’s TV show mascot named Pombo. Stop-Motion Animation, directed by Steve Warne.


Anna Kövecses

Posted by Fabio 24 October 2017

Anna Kövecses (1988) is a Hungarian born illustrator and artist living and working in a small seaside village on the island of Cyprus. Her digital collages are characterized by simple organic shapes, bright colors and an atmosphere of simple naivety. read more

Wang & Söderström

Posted by Fabio 20 October 2017

Wang & Söderström is a Copenhagen based creative studio with a focus on digital / physical explorations, art and fabrication. read more