Yuki Aruga

Posted by Fabio 26 April 2018

Fuelled by her passion for nature, draftsmanship and traditional artistic techniques, Wales-based artist Yuki Aruga has studied and assisted taxidermists, florists and painters whose practices and methods are rooted in tradition. read more

Robert Huber

Posted by Fabio 26 April 2018

Robert Huber founded his graphic design studio in 2012, in Lausanne Switzerland. Working for cultural, institutional and commercial clients, the practice also includes both personal type design projects as well as bespoke type design for various clients. read more

Valentin Bajolle

Posted by Fabio 25 April 2018

Freelance graphic designer, Valentin Bajolle specializes in visual identity, logo design and editorial projects; book design, magazines, newspapers. His graphic design style is characterized by a disciplined, logical and unique visual language. read more

Ian Davis

Posted by Fabio 24 April 2018

For more many years artist Ian Davis has made detailed pictures of men in groups. They are identically dressed in vocational clothes—business suits, lab coats, clerical frocks, hi-vis vests or military drab. read more

citylikeyou: interview with Verena Michelitsch

Posted by Fabio 24 April 2018

Independent designer and art director – Verena Michelitsch spoke to us about design, creativity, and living and working in New York. Plus a selection of her favourite places in New York.

Read full interview here


Person of the Forest

Posted by Fabio 23 April 2018

In the vanishing lowland rainforests of Borneo, new research is underway to uncover and understand the unique cultural behaviors in wild orangutans, before it’s too late. There, photographer Tim Laman, researcher Cheryll Knott and young explorer Robert Suro read more

Paige Moon

Posted by Fabio 20 April 2018

Paige Moon’s work is based on her daily adventures, whether alone or with a cast of old and new friends. She aims to compile recollections of memories and create memorials to those experiences. read more

Adrian Samson

Posted by Fabio 20 April 2018

Born in Slovakia, Adrian Samson now lives and works in London. His still lifes and portraits display an instinctive use of light and shadow and a cinematic sense of drama read more