Yochai Matos

Posted by Fabio 31 March 2010

We here at FILE greets April welcome with our new monthly Mixtape, this time from Tel Aviv based artist Yochai Matos.
Predominately working in the field of installation Matos has created a series of sculptures using fluorescent light tubes, from the simple household white to a vibrant selection of colours these carefully arranged tubes in stark graphic formations convey everything from typographical messages to symbolic suggestions. The photo above shows Matos during the installation of his biggest sculpture so far, Flame (Gate) from 2009 measures 8.5 x 5.3 meters and consists of 180 tubes.
From 2001– 2004 Matos undertook a BA in Visual Communication studies at Betzalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, with a one year exchange at Middlesex University.
From the 16 April to 15 May 2010 one can experience Matos work in London where he will be part of the first group show of contemporary Tel Aviv art in the UK – JaffaCakes TLV.
Matos is also currently collaborating with Tel Aviv based artist Yasmeen Godder with a performative-visual installation to Godder’s dance performance Love Fire, the next show is taking place 21 April 2010 at the deSingel Theatre in Antwerp, Belgium.

Photo Credit Lovis Ostenrik

Click here to download Mixtape.

1. Tuung – Bullets
2. Beethoven – Prometheus
3. The Knife – Neon
4. Bell & Sebastian – It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career
5. Rona Geffen – Maximosa B.yatch
6. Björk – I Miss You
7. Or Moran – Miss My Baby
8. Bney Hama – Bney Hama
9. Ofra Haza – Shir Hafrecha (The Bimbo Song 1979)
10. Bonnie Prince Billy – I See Darkness
11. M.I.A – 10 Dollar
12. Cut Copy – Time Stands Still
13. Lou Reed & John Cale – Images
14. Erland Øye – Sudden Rush
15. John Callaghan – I’m Not Comfortable Inside
16. Gill Scott Heron – Who’ll Pay Reparations for my Soul
17. Hot Chip – Thieves in the Night
18. Hagingiot – L.A.