Ting Ting Cheng – Still Life with fruits

Posted by Fabio 7 December 2010

Still Life with fruits is about the fetishism of commodities. It is an illusion to overrate the product, to enchant people to buy it. Ting Ting Cheng focuses on the power of brand to represent the commodity fetishism. In our everyday life, we can find a bike from Hermes which cost £2300, and a tennis-racket from CHANEL cost £450, what’s the difference between these products and the others? Fruits, as natural products, without artificiality, do people believe that the fruits here are better than others? This happens in our everyday life, with or without our awareness of it.

Cheng’s practices focus on the relationship between objects, places and people’s emotion toward them. She has explored various social issues previously, such as banality in everyday life, alienation of international students and commodity fetishism. She is also interested in adopting the combination of images with texts, exploring on how they anchor and relay to each other.

Ting-Ting Cheng was born in Taiwan and graduated from MA Photographic Studies in University of Westminster, London. She has exhibited and received a number of photography awards internationally, including New York, London, Berlin and Taipei. Recently, She is selected for the juried winner 2010 on Artslant, and the solo show in Kiállítás Előtt Galéria, Budapest.