Lisa Carletta – The ordinary life of Alison Martinu

Posted by Fabio 22 May 2019

Lisa Carletta’s series portrays the everyday life of Alison, a suburban cross-dresser living in Newcastle. These pictures are more than a temporary escape, they are a testimony to the self-creation of identity. Alison describes the necessity of expressing their feminine identity as an alter ego.

“Very few of us are in a position to integrate both aspects of ourselves into our everyday lives. Also most heterosexual cross-dressers find their partners do not accept their inclinations and have to keep the whole thing secret.”

Lisa Carletta is a Fashion Photographer and Digital Media Artist splitting her time between London, Brussels and Milan. In 2017, she completed a Master in Fine Art at Royal College of Art, London.

Carletta’s practice is characterised as consisting of a combination of photography, digital media and post-production techniques to investigate ideas of the private, virtual and idealised self.