Félix Vallotton: Painter of Disquiet

Posted by Fabio 1 July 2019

Arriving in Paris at the dawn of the Belle Epoque, a young Swiss artist began to capture frenetic life on the city’s streets, as well as moments of private drama for the liberal magazine, La Revue Blanche. read more

Nicolas Party: Polychrome

Posted by Fabio 26 June 2019

For his fourth solo exhibition at The Modern Institute, New York-based artist Nicolas Party has divided the gallery’s Osborne Street space, into three uniquely crafted interiors. read more

Corn Shuk Mei Ho – Night Swims Series (2017-19)

Posted by Fabio 6 June 2019

The Night Swims Series (2017-19) is a project by London-based painter, Corn Shuk Mei Ho. The characters depicted in the paintings reflect a state of feelings including isolation, solitude, uncertainty and fear. read more

Matthew Finn’s new book School of Art at the ICA London

Posted by Fabio 16 May 2019

In 1997 “Cool Britannia” was at its height. Brit pop was flooding the airwaves, a new Labour government took power, and a sense of hope that had not been felt for a generation was palpable. Finn was 24, had recently graduated, and took a job at a School of Art in the outskirts of London. read more

Aretha Franklin as you’ve never seen her before

Posted by Fabio 10 May 2019

In 1972, Aretha Franklin, the undisputed Queen of Soul, recorded an album of gospel music at The New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, before an ecstatic live audience. Amazing Grace went on to become one of the biggest albums of Aretha Franklin’s career and one of her most beloved works. read more

Lubaina Himid: Work from Underneath

Posted by Fabio 10 May 2019

The New Museum will debut an entirely new body of work by Turner Prize–winning British artist Lubaina Himid, marking the artist’s first solo museum exhibition in the United States. read more

Pedro Almodóvar: Waiting For The Light

Posted by Fabio 8 May 2019

Waiting For The Light, the first show in New York of the photographic work of two-time Oscar winning film director, Pedro Almodóvar. Waiting For The Light presents the artist’s most recent group of photographic still lifes. As in his films, which are dotted with erudite quotes and historical allusions read more

Zoya Cherkassky: Soviet Childhood

Posted by Fabio 1 May 2019

Fort Gansevoort presents Soviet Childhood, the first solo exhibition in the United States featuring the work of Zoya Cherkassky. read more