Posted by Fabio 27 February 2012

Yemenwed is a New York based group of artists and was founded in 2006. Yemenwed has participated in exhibitions and performances at MOMA P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. Shown here is the project No Image, Commercial Breaks directed and animated by Alan Bibby and Jonathan Turner.

Artist/photographer Shinichi Maruyama and his team captured the high speed camera live action footage. Stylist Alice Bertay created a house wife inspired by typical Hassidic clothing. Co-director Jonathan Turner created all of the camera movement and 3d animation while co-director Alan Bibby assembled the pieces into the final composition and added the final coat of polish. Finally Busy Gangnes created the soundtrack, attempting to use the emotional effect of a new age sound aesthetic to pull at your heart strings and encourage the consumer to take the pill.