Julia Pelzer

Posted by Fabio 12 April 2018

Julia Pelzer is amongst today’s finest and exceptional talents inillustration. She emerged on the scene straight after having graduated from arts school in her native Hamburg, one of her first assignments being for German VOGUE.

In a short span of time, her work was found in international fashion and lifestyle publications. Her signature elegant, feminine and subtly expressive aesthetics come from a combination of handpainted watercolor with visible brushstrokes and an uncanny eye for colour and minimalistic shapes characterized by fluid, expressive lines. She was influenced through Asian and oriental art through her father, a professor for Oriental Studies, and studied the technique of calligraphy, elements of which are to be found both in her illustrations and in typography. Freehanded work with watercolor, ink, brushes and quality handcrafted paper are her trademark and basis of all her artwork, this being essential to her conception of art in a time of mainly digitally created artwork.