Anja Niemi – The Woman Who Never Existed

Posted by Fabio 17 October 2017

The Woman Who Never Existed was inspired by the words of the pioneering Italian actress Eleonora Duse.’ Duse was introverted and private, rarely giving interviews. She once famously told a pushy New York journalist, that ‘away from the stage I do not exist.’ read more

Igor Siwanowicz

Posted by Fabio 27 September 2017

Microscopic Photography by Igor Siwanowicz. Photographer and neurobiologist at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Maryland, U.S. read more

Bobby Mandrup

Posted by Fabio 27 September 2017

Beautiful portrait by danish photographer based in Odense, Bobby Mandrup.

Reuben Wu – Lux Noctis

Posted by Fabio 27 September 2017

Lux Noctis is an award-winning series of photographs depicting landscapes within the framework of traditional landscape photography but influenced by ideas of planetary exploration, 19th century sublime romantic painting, and science fiction. read more

Emily Stein

Posted by Fabio 26 August 2017

Napoli – A photographic series by London-based portrait photographer and director, Emily Stein. read more

Vincent Ferrane – Milky Way

Posted by Fabio 25 August 2017

Milky Way is a series of pictures of Vincent Ferrane’s wife and child during breastfeeding. The aesthetic aspect is determined by the feeding behaviour which imposes its geometry on bodies and on space they occupy. read more

Stephanie Brunia – Thursday’s Child

Posted by Fabio 18 July 2017

My father and I were both born on Thursdays. He finds particular significance in these sorts of details. I view them as indistinct legacies–far less significant than the genetic one we share, but a subtly parallel path nonetheless. read more

Mirka Laura Severa

Posted by Fabio 9 December 2016

Mirka Laura Severa is an Amsterdam based Photographer, Art Director and Set Designer. She is working with a strong focus on concept in the fields of Fashion, Editorial and Still life Photography.