Sleaford Mods – Divide and Exit

Posted by Fabio 30 June 2014

Sleaford Mods started out sometime during 2006 whilst Jason Williamson was living in Nottingham. Born out of part frustration and part accident, it quickly found its feet as an aggressive verbal onslaught on all that is contrived and connected to the day-to-day hammer of low paid employment and domestic siutations arising from that trap. read more

Hervé x Zebra Katz – Tear The House Up

Posted by Fabio 17 June 2014

Official music video for “Tear The House Up” by Hervé & Zebra Katz. Out now on Mad decent. Directed by Brandon LaGanke and John Carlucci. read more

The Seeds: Pushin’ Too Hard

Posted by Fabio 29 May 2014

The official trailer for the definitive documentary on the legendary 1960s garage rock band The SEEDS. read more

Unity – Tobias Stretch

Posted by Fabio 20 May 2014

Video artist Tobias Stretch (Radiohead, Deftones) has created a new 5-minute animated puppetry, stop- action film inspired by composer Christopher Bono’s choral work, Unity. This extraordinary video was constructed from over ten thousand pictures and created largely outdoors over the long 2013-2014 winter.

Metronomy – Reservoir

Posted by Fabio 20 May 2014

New music video by english electronic group Metronomy’s latest single Reservoir, taken from Metronomy’s latest album Love Letters. Directed and animated by Daniel Brereton.

Xiu Xiu — Botanica de Los Angeles

Posted by Fabio 16 May 2014

Music video for Xiu Xiu, song from the album “Angel Guts: Red Classroom”. Directed by Florent Texier.

Sam Fleischner

Posted by Fabio 16 May 2014

Sam Fleischner received a BFA in film studies from Wesleyan University. Since then he has directed two award winning feature films, Wah Do Dem, and Stand Clear of the Closing Doors. read more

Flying Lotus – ‘Phantasm‘ Feat. Laura Marling

Posted by Fabio 12 May 2014

Music video for the track ‘Phantasm’ from Flying Lotus’ album ‘Until the quiet comes’. Filmed over 2 days on Desert Rd, North Island of New Zealand. Directed by Markus Hofko.