The EY Exhibition: Paul Klee

Posted by Fabio 27 September 2013

Paul Klee is a giant of twentieth-century art and one of the great creative innovators of the time. He is mentioned in the same breath as Matisse, Picasso and Kandinsky. And yet, for an artist of such stature, there is still so much to discover about him.

At Tate Modern this autumn, you can rediscover Paul Klee’s extraordinary body of work and see it in a new light. Paintings, drawings and watercolours from collections around the world will be reunited and displayed alongside each other as the artist originally intended, often for the first time since Klee exhibited them himself.

The EY Exhibition: Paul Klee begins with the artist’s breakthrough during the First World War, when he first developed his individual abstract patchworks of colour that later became characteristic of his ‘magic square’ paintings.

The EY Exhibition
Paul Klee
Tate Modern
16 October 2013 – 9 March 2014