Seth Globepainter: 1,2,3, Soleil

Posted by Fabio 2 September 2019

1,2,3, Soleil offers the visitor a glimpse into the world of French artist Julien Malland, aka Seth Globepainter. Each room of the castle is based on a theme from his various travels, representing a different project in the countries the artist has explored. Over fifty characters developed over the years spent painting in the street will be represented. These characters are represented through Seth’s painting, but also from his photographs that are a reflection of his work in the urban context. The first floor of the castle allows for an immersive visit, a dive into the universe of the artist. Several creations made in situ, as well as with artists Mono Gonzalez and Pascal Vilcollet, punctuate this visit.

Seth Globepainter
1,2,3, Soleil
Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez
Until October 2019