Oswaldo Vigas – Transfiguration

Posted by Fabio 26 March 2014

Oswaldo Vigas is widely considered a living legend of Latin American modernism. This long overdue New York exhibition comprises 15 works that exemplify his signature combination of geometry, abstraction and Latin culture. Some of the paintings will be part of a three-year traveling retrospective that begins this July at the Museum of Modern Art (MAMBO) in Bogotá, Colombia, and will travel to Lima, Peru; Santiago, Chile; and several other major cities. A new book about Vigas’s work, featuring commentary by several international critics, is also forthcoming.

Vigas was born in Valencia, Venezuela in 1926. He first rose to international recognition 60 years ago. Soon after he relocated to France in 1952 for studies at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts and Sorbonne University, his work was featured in the Venice Biennial in 1954, and again in 1962. While in Paris, he absorbed the lessons of the foremost European artist of the day and developed his own, distinctly Latin, approach to modernism.

Oswaldo Vigas
Dillon Gallery NY
March 13 – April 19