From Nope to Hope: Art vs Arms, Oil & Injustice

Posted by Fabio 11 September 2018

On July 17 2018, the Design Museum in London hosted an event held by Leonardo, one of the world’s biggest arms companies. The event was held as part of the Farnborough International arms fair.

A group of artists, designers and activists, whose work was being exhibited as part of the Museum’s exhibition Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008-18, wrote to the Design Museum asking that their work be removed, and urged the Museum to develop an ethical fundraising policy. The Museum was unable to agree to the request.

Then, on August 2 2018, in an unprecedented action, a third of the show’s artists removed their work from the exhibition. The action attracted significant industry, mainstream media and international press interest, fuelling the debate about the ethics of cultural funding.

In September 2018 the collective return, as part of the Brixton Design Trail / London Design Festival, re-showing the majority of the removed work — together with a host of extra materials, and artists supportive of the collective’s actions.

From Nope to Hope: Art vs Arms, Oil & Injustice displays the work in its activist context. The show is intended to be an inspiration for all – and a rallying cry to anyone who’s ever wanted to stand up to injustice, speak truth to power and make their world a kinder, safer, more beautiful place.

Nope to Arms collective
From Nope to Hope:
Art vs Arms, Oil & Injustice
Brixton Rec
15 – 23 September, 2018.