Eric Yahnker – Factory Reset

Posted by Fabio 13 December 2018

From his home in Desert Hot Springs, CA artist Eric Yahnker has elaborated in pastel drawings across large swaths of sandpaper a vision of America today and a culture in need of a “factory reset”, erasing all content and settings, wiping the memory, rebooting the corrupted system.

The title piece in the show (above) kicks things off by making us hold up a (cell phone) mirror to our participation in what has gone wrong. The celebrity, vanity and vacuousness of Warhol’s aluminum foiled-“Factory” is seamlessly updated to integrate with celebrity-influencer social media selfie culture. Were Warhol Superstars an analog version of the digitally-assisted disaster of now? The pieces in the show look at both how we got here and urgently ask how do we get the hell out of here.

Eric Yahnker
Factory Reset
The Hole NYC
Thru December 23rd, 2018