Designing Duggee at the Design Museum

Posted by Fabio 28 October 2019

Dive into the design process behind this colourful CBeebies animated series through a friendly and accessible display. What is the design story behind Hey Duggee? Who are the people behind the successful animated series? Look into Duggee’s world from the first sketches, of what was initially titled ‘Chop Chop!’, to the final design and brand.

Explore the eye-catching graphics, bright colours, composition and typography. Discover how characters are made to be easily distinguishable and adaptable to different narratives and what makes each episode interesting and appealing to all its audiences.
The display also delves into the studio’s production process and key elements such as the famous badges. See episodes, clips and capture exciting photo moments.

Designing Duggee
The Design Museum
25 of October – 1st of November, 2019