Craig Redman – Since Never

Posted by Fabio 12 November 2013

Since Never, a new exhibition by Craig Redman (half of duo Craig & Karl), explores new acquaintances and old friends through portraiture. Examining unknowns rather than famous faces the series of paintings are of people who have recently passed through Redman’s life, both in his hometown of New York as well as other cities across the world, and the interpersonal connections that consequently developed. The portraits are seen as a way of documenting this period in his life, a snapshot of a particular point in time. The heavy, looser black lines of the portraits mixed with sharp geometric patterns and brisk colours work to highlight and emphasise various elements of the subjects face. Each face is pared down to its most essential parts, with big expanses of flat colour and blown-up geometric patterns that playfully juxtapose facial elements against each other.

Craig Redman
Since Never
The Garage Amsterdam
November 1st – November 16, 2013