Wim Crouwel iPad App

Posted by Fabio 9 August 2012

Wim Crouwel: A Graphic Odyssey – Digital Catalogue for iPad is an expanded and enhanced version of the printed catalogue published by Unit Editions and the Design Museum to accompany the recent Wim Crouwel exhibition at the Design Museum in London. read more

NASA has landed!

Posted by Fabio 6 August 2012

NASA’s most advanced Mars rover Curiosity has landed on the Red Planet. The one-ton rover, hanging by ropes from a rocket backpack, touched down onto Mars Sunday to end a 36-week flight and begin a two-year investigation.


The world’s first interactive player piano that takes song requests via Twitter!

Posted by Fabio 20 July 2012

Stanley, the world’s first interactive player piano, made his worldwide debut at Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party. Stanley is a precocious instrument who takes song requests via Twitter. Stanley can play a lot of songs, but he loves indie music. read more

The Apollo Dress Shirt

Posted by Fabio 9 July 2012

The Apollo dress shirt by Ministry of Supply pulls heat from the body as the person’s temperature increases, and releases the heat back to the body when the person cools down. The shirts are also odor and wrinkle free; an anti-microbial coating keeps odor-causing bacteria at bay while the synthetic fibers in the shirts keep them from wrinkling- and always tucked in.

André Damião – em_bruto

Posted by Fabio 11 May 2012

em_bruto is an audio-visual performance that was born with the objective of exploring the interface of the software Pure Data (PD) as a medium of visual composition. Imagining that in this manner it would be possible promote an aestheticization of the “raw” interface of the sofware in an interesting way, as an allusion to the aesthetics of live coding, and so it would be feasible to add new values and meanings to abstract shapes like squares, circles and crosses. read more

The ultimate solution for aerial cinematography

Posted by Fabio 18 April 2012

Schiebel’s Camcopter S-100 UAS integrated with Cineflex is the ultimate gyro-stabilized solution for aerial cinematography. The Cineflex is a multi-axis coordinated gimbal control system that provides layered isolation, steering, and fine correctional movements to stabilize a wide selection of precision optics to a sub-pixel level. read more

Still Life

Posted by Fabio 6 March 2012

Still Life by interactive designer Scott Garner.


Carl Bass – The New Rules of Innovation

Posted by Fabio 2 March 2012

Carl Bass is president and chief executive officer of Autodesk, Inc. Autodesk is the leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Formerly he was Autodesk’s chief operating officer, responsible for worldwide sales, marketing, and product development. Earlier roles included CTO and EVP of product development.