IMAGO 1:1 – The largest walk-in camera in the world

Posted by Fabio 26 October 2012

A unique large-format camera, IMAGO 1:1 captures life-sized portraits on a special direct positive black-and-white paper. Just as with a gigantic photo booth, you step into the camera, face the mirror in your desired position, take the shutter release in your hand and press to take your-own self-portrait. Ten minutes later you will be looking at a 60x200cm (2ftx6ft 6ins) black-and-white picture of yourself. At a time when images can be reproduced and edited without limit, IMAGO 1:1 provides you with a once off glimpse of yourself, your family or your friends at an instant in time. The interactive nature of the IMAGO 1:1 camera creates an excellent opportunity for self expression.