Lisbeth Antoine

Posted by Fabio 31 October 2019

Lisbeth Antoine is a Belgian creative designer on a mission to coordinate visual balance. With a main focus on graphic design, art direction and visual identities she explores the playground within printed and digital matter whilst seeking to reflect a set of core design values. read more

Studio Jaap Smit

Posted by Fabio 30 October 2019

Jaap Smit is an Independent Graphic Designer & Art Director, specialising in book design, identity & logo design, Webdesign and more. Next to client projects, he works on self-initiated assignments. With his own projects, the focus is on structuring facts/data. read more

Bradley Pinkerton

Posted by Fabio 30 October 2019

Bradley Pinkerton is a Melbourne based freelance Graphic Designer specialising in creative branding, print and art direction. His studio focuses on producing expressive, thoughtful and distinctive work for the arts and music sectors. read more

Designing Duggee at the Design Museum

Posted by Fabio 28 October 2019

Dive into the design process behind this colourful CBeebies animated series through a friendly and accessible display. What is the design story behind Hey Duggee? Who are the people behind the successful animated series? Look into Duggee’s world from the first sketches read more

Forthcoming Studio

Posted by Fabio 25 October 2019

Forthcoming is a creative studio specializing in design and creative direction, focusing on collaborations with architects, artists, writers, publishers, and cultural institutions, producing projects ranging from printed matter, such as books and ephemera read more

Origen México by Blok Design

Posted by Fabio 24 October 2019

This book originates from the most profound love of land and identity. It is a convergence of talents, passions, thoughts, textures, flavours, creative forces, and unique sensibilities with an innate character, inherited from the indigenous cultures that have formed and illuminated Mexican culture. read more

Ludovic Balland Typography Cabinet

Posted by Fabio 22 October 2019

Ludovic Balland is a Swiss-based graphic and book designer. He founded his typography cabinet in 2006. The studio focuses on book design, art direction and, more generally on developing editorial design projects, while also realizing visual identities for international brands and cultural institutions. read more

Fabian Bremer

Posted by Fabio 18 October 2019

Fabian Bremer is a graphic designer working in the fields of editorial design and visual identity. Besides his freelance work he is part of Leipzig-based Spector Bureau—a collective of artists, designers and publishers. read more