Posted by Fabio 18 December 2009

To celebrate the festive season, this month mixtape is “an alternative soundtrack for xmas”. Nine excellent interpretations of the famous carol Silent Night from the likes of fupper, klint, sparo, poplar, transistor 6, theboylucas, hint, my brother & caty b. styles rang from breakbeat to folk to electronica. Merry Xmas!

Franz Xavier Gruber was born in Hochberg, Austria 1787. He composed the Silent Night music in 1818 in Amsdorf.

Silent Night reinterpreted by:
1. Fupper
2. Poplar
3. Klint
4. My Brother
5. Transistor Six
6. Caty b
7. Theboylucas
8. Hint
9. Sparo

Click here to download Mixtape.