Stray Dawg by Sean Dunne

Posted by Fabio 28 April 2011

Another brilliant short film by director Sean Dunne (previously featured in FILE issue #4). Stray Dawg is a film about Jonny Corndawg, the underground country-music legend. A born-and-bred Virginian, Jonny has played on five continents in as many years, and every state in the lower 48. Some places he’s played so many times, he’s worn holes in them. Now Jonny has given himself over, heart and heel, to the world of Running. Like most country musicians, Jonny spends more time on the road than on terra firma, more on stage than off, but with all that, Jonny is gaining a name for waking up daily, before and after every show, and burning ten miles while bandmates sleep off their evenings. Imagine Hank Williams Jr. from the belt up, Steve Prefontaine from the waistband down, throw in a gallon of water and a knack for showmanship, and what do you get? One of the great American vitalists, Jonny Corndawg.