Posted by Fabio 21 October 2009

When Berlin based artist Meyoko got in touch with us a few days ago, we were immediately captivated by her meticulous drawn ink illustrations. Her influences are self emotion, beauty of woman, mythology, art nouveau, shape, details, ephemera, memories and dreams.

“The difference between my previous and the newest designs such as Andromeda Dream, 43×60 cm (shown above) are remarkable because an evolution  can be seen in the minimal shapes and lines of my drawings”.”I’m drawing, my mind and my soul begin to get lost, totally submerged in the process and before long, hours have gone by unawares. But to me, art, in any form is what gives us a sense of who we are, a peak into our imaginations and the passionate desires that make us individual. It’s almost like a mold; as I pour myself into it what comes out is a solid piece of who I am and the more I develop in this area, the more expressive I am becoming.

It is akin to singing from the depths of your soul. It –flows in much the same way. I truly believe that every person born has been given the gift of creativity and an artistic ability (or abilities) in which to express themselves in a way that no one else can precisely duplicate”.