Kristian Von Hornsleth

Posted by Fabio 25 September 2009

A look at Danish artist Kristian Von Hornsleths latest project.

In early 2010 an iron sculpture measuring 7x7x7 meter will be placed in the Pacific ocean in the 11.000 meter deep Mariner Trench, 200 miles off Guam Island between Japan and the Philippines.

The sculpture will contain 5000 blood drops and hair samples collected from people visiting Deep Storage events 30 locations around the world. Each donator will receive a certificate proving their participation. A large exhibition in Copenhagen in March 2010 will show photographs, paintings, drawings, videos, sculptures from the worldwide making of the Deep Storage Project.

You are living your daily life here on the planet while your personal DNA is located in the darkest place on Earth, below 11.000 meters water, under 1.100 atmospheric pressure, in the valley of death, in the womb of mother Earth, nearest to Hell on Earth imaginable.

What if in 10.000 years from now this sculpture is discovered by future life and the DNA samples could be used to re-create you?

How will the human race evolve?

In what way will humans in the future be different from today?

Does our unlimited search for perfectionising the human race result in our self extinction?

In 20.000 years your DNA will be intact and accessible in order to restore and recreate the evolutionary and self inflicted faults of the human race.


1. Visit a venue of the Deep Storage World Project in a city near you

2. Let our nurse take a drop of your blood and a piece of your hair for DNA

3. Your DNA will be contained in the Deep Storage sculpture in the Mariana Trench

4. Place another drop of your blood on a Deep Storage Certificate

5. The Deep Storage certificate with your blood sample will be signed and numbered by Hornsleth

6. The certificate is a gift to you and is a proof of participation

7. Special donor editions of the Deep Storage sculpture will be on offer for certificate holders only

8. These special sculptures will be engraved with donors certificate number and Hornsleth signature