Tommy Cash – Little Molly

Posted by Fabio 30 May 2018

After the runaway success of previous single ‘Pussy Money Weed’ today conceptual artist and musician Tommy Cash announces his brand new single ‘Little Molly’, produced by felicita and A. G. Cook, and released via Cook’s PC Music label.

The video employs special effects by Denis Strahhov at Denhov Visuals alongside direction from Tommy and long-time collaborator Anna-Lisa Himma, who also leads the art-direction and styling on the clip. Describing the thinking and creative behind the video that sees Tommy take inspiration from the likes of Chris Cunningham (Aphex Twin, Autechre) he plays on the concept that “Every child is an artist, the problem is not staying an artist when you grow up” with the imaginary character ‘Little Molly’; also nurturing the inclusive attitude he has become known for, working to the thinking that “Imperfection is perfect and we should embrace it.”