The Nature Within by JUM

Posted by Fabio 4 December 2020

Julia Marinelli, working under the name JUM, is a recent graduate from the SCAD Hong Kong, where she got her BFA in Illustration. Her art is never attached to only one subject matter. It is always about making it visual the things that we can’t see, be that fantasy, a dream or even a feeling. And while you can see a lot of differences in each piece, the surreal and dreamy aspects are always present.

“Exploring the human connection with nature is by far my favourite subject, once I’ve always been very connected and surrounded by it. We, as humans, tend to take the earth for granted and often don’t appreciate or don’t understand that all the elements and animals coexist, we can’t live without nature and we wouldn’t exist without it. So thinking about this I created this series depicting a surreal relation between humans and elements.”_Julia Marinelli