Posted by Fabio 30 September 2013

Teardrop by Dutch artist Marije Vogelzang, is a transparant installation made of 5 kilometers of rope and 24 glass pipettes. The installation is made of 3 separate cilinders with ropes suspended from the ceiling almost touching the floor. A ring of glass pipettes is placed in the middle of the construction. It is a kind of exploded view of a tug stall. The ones you find at a fun-fair.

Teardrop is meant as an experience for two people. Some of the ropes, the ones that are connected to a glass pipette filled with flavor, have a tag attached to it. on these tags you’ll find texts like; ‘A fly just flew into my mouth’, ‘I will always be there for you’ or ‘ I’m so tired of myself!’. The ropes with a tag attached can be pulled to release a flavored drop of water to be catched by the second person standing underneath the pippettes in the center of the installation with a wide open mouth. The installation plays with childlike emotions; the sensation of being fed by someone else. Standing in the middle with an open mouth not knowing what will come. You can read the tags but you don’t know which flavor is connected. The installation is a strong visual piece but merely a tool for human interaction and play.