Sandrine Zondervan

Posted by Fabio 13 December 2013

Sandrine Zondervan is a visual artist born in Mexico City and based in Italy. She express her personal universe through painting, photography, writing, and soft sculpture. She’s inspired by those themes that have influenced her since she was a child , being part of a strong culture filled with myths, legends and magic.

As I grew up, I’ve started to study art, but also my culture and my country, travelling, exploring and showing interest and love for Anthropology and folklor to enrich my work and make a fusion of my feelings and my roots. My art talks about spirituality, Occult Sciences,, darkness and nostalgie but is also full of colors and a particular view of life and death. My eclectic style let me express with freedom, and without any particular tendency, making my art as primitive as modern just listening to myself and the things I have to talk about._Sandrine Zondervan