Marlon Darbeau

Posted by Fabio 12 October 2009

Lovely designed alternative to the ordinary jewel case all the way from Trinidad and Tobago.
I designed the packaging for 12’s new album Streets & Avenues. The package is in itself an instrument that can be played by it’s holder. Creating something that moved, something you can play with, was both intuitive and intentional, it changes the expectations of an object like an album package.

The album design attempts to deliver on lyrics from the album, lines like ‘expand your heart & mind’, ‘may your snakes turn to ladders’ and ‘trying to find the avenues cause your pigeon hole life won’t do’. Even the album title’s mark is drawn from the street signs from Barataria, the place where Sheldon Holder grew up and still lives.

The CD illustration is a play on snakes & ladders a game most of us grew up playing, its a game about vices & virtues.