Game Continent

Posted by Fabio 19 May 2010

Knights, mow the lawn to get magical abilities to perform missions, frozen baguettes become lethal swords and spring green grass is collected, distilled to become a magical beverage. All this and much more you can experience when the artist duo Anders Bojen and Kristoffer Ørum occupies Aarhus Art Building and the surrounding urban space with the exhibition Game Continent.

Game Continent is and interactive installations and live role-play platform which transforms Aarhus Art Building basement, the local supermarket and the lawns of the surrounding area into a real-life game board where stories, symbols and medieval ritual of everyday life take place and provides a new way of looking at the world. The exhibition is about the way we act in everyday life and challenge the boundaries between fiction and reality. Visitors to the Aarhus Art Building are invited to pull the knight costume and participate in role-play staged. The exhibition alive with special weekends during the exhibition, where the live-RPG takes a scenario that awakens the stories and events of Game Continent.

Anders Bojen (1976) and Kristoffer Ørum (1975) have both graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Art and Goldsmith Collage, University of London. They have worked together as duo for 10 years and have both national and international exhibition experience. The exhibition forms part of Aarhus Art Building exhibition theme for the 2010 modifications. Bojen and Ørum interpret this theme by turning upside down the reality and the everyday structures that we are used to engage in.

In connection with the exhibition, a leather-bound catalogue, where each copy is unique will be published. As well as a children’s book based on the universe in Game Continent created by artist and author / illustrator Cato Thau-Jensen. The book is published with the support of the National Arts Council.

There is free admission for costumed role-players in the whole exhibition period. Role-players who are interested to outplay Continent Game scenario are welcome to contact the artists at All weekends are booked. It is free to join and requires 15 to 20 players.

Interested role players may also check out the scenario at: (Danish)