Manuel Vason

Posted by Fabio 31 October 2012

Italian-born artist, based in London. Has collaborated with prominent international performance artists such as La Ribot, Franko B, Ernst Fischer, Guillermo Gómez Peña, Steven Cohen, Gilles Jobin, amongst many others. His work explores the relationship between photography and performance, between documentation and portrait and the the historical relationship of their development.

“I see my practice as a constant battle against the impossibility of reaching ‘presence’.

For years I have been trying hard to bridge photography and performance, and everyday I live the illusion of having fulfilled my ambition.

In the core of my practice lies an exchange; between myself and another artist, between the work and the viewer. I see myself reflected in all the artists I have met, collaborated and fallen in love with…Can art be a relationship?

Working with different minds and bodies allows me to discover every day something new about my own mind and body.

I’ve always wanted to be a sculptor although I’ve been using photography as my main medium.

Surface is my material.

Surface is my biggest enemy.

Maybe curiosity is eating me up inside, but so far it tastes pretty good.” _Manuel Varon