Loose Leaf – Edition One

Posted by Fabio 9 May 2011

Loose Leaf is a hybrid format of publication and limited edition print series. It exists in the form of a collection of unbound and large-format printed art works. Published twice a year, Loose Leaf intends to present images in a physical, livable form, a distinct departure from the online consumption of visual material that pervades our lives.

Each edition comes packaged ready to be installed, not stored. Leaves are hole-punched for placement on a wall with small pushpins. Its unbound format allows the viewer to edit, select, and reshuffle images on an ongoing basis. Loose Leaf samples from a specific context, but introduces the new and unexpected. Every edition shifts and centers around a loose idea rather than a definitive theme.

Conceived and curated by San Francisco design studio Manual, Loose Leaf is a collaborative effort. Each edition features newly commissioned works by contemporary artists, designers, photographers, illustrators, and writers that have caught the attention of the studio.