Jee Hwang – I have something to say

Posted by Fabio 28 October 2011

By depicting the actions of figures covering their faces, Jee Hwang explore the longing and the struggle to let out thoughts and desires. There is something that disables communication. We try to exchange our thoughts and ideas with others but those attempts are imperfect.

I believe every person has their own abyss that they cannot share with anyone else. It is also the deepest private room in mind, unshared moments, and untold stories. In my work, the figures have concealed their faces by turning their heads or with objects such as a bag or stone. These barriers or obstacles refer to both the impossibility of being understood by others and understanding others. The frustration coming from imperfect communication leads to another desire of concealment. As a result of failed communication, seeking for escape from others and hiding in a personal place gives comfort._Jee Hwang