Francisco Reina – Hope…The Defeat of the Centuries

Posted by Fabio 28 March 2013

This work by Spanish artist Francisco Reina is a reflection on the human being’s potential and power to change the course of events. Very few have wanted to realize the horrible menace soaring over us. It would be nonsense to deny the human being his terrible and efficient capacity to create control systems designed to bring its perspectives on power to an auspicious end.

We have learned to live under the soft anguish of an Abstract Terror, a fear of the Tyrant, of the neighboring State, of the unknown, of the Warlords… We are continually vexed by the constant risk of a new worldwide catastrophe.
At the dawn of the third millennium, Mother Earth is being devastated by the destruction and plundering of its natural resources. Victim to irresponsible concentrations of population, to the excesses of those who have too much of everything who listen to the cry of affliction of those who have nothing.

Hearing of how bad things are has driven us to despair. We despair at our belief that everything is lost, though only because “the other” says so. The time to fight against resignation has come. Within the dark reality in which we live, so full of a pessimism and lack of initiative that consumes us all, there’s still a crack into which the light of Hope can filter in.
This Hope won’t come from a divine being but from a desire for change that inspires in us enough potential to make a better reality.