Adrian Underhill – Not Good Enough

Posted by Fabio 24 February 2017

Adrian Underhill’s new video for “Not Good Enough”. The track is from his upcoming debut album which is out later this year on Indica Records. The album was produced by Adam Bainbridge (Solange, Robyn, Blood Orange) who records and performs as Kindness.

With this video I wanted to explore the simultaneous isolation and togetherness that exists between people. As the two dancers move around in the space, their mechanical movements become like a meditation on this idea. Each dancer seems to exist in their own bubble and yet they are connected. This tension between distance and connection is played out over and over, and only through exposing their vulnerabilities do the dancers begin to see each other clearly._Adrian Underhill

Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Pablo Alvarez Mesa
Choreographer: Davy Bisaro
Dancer: Marisa Ricci
Costume Design: Davy Bisaro, Adrian Underhill, Pablo Alvarez Mesa