A selection – Piotr Kamler

Posted by Fabio 27 May 2011

For this grey London Friday morning I have compiled a selection of beautiful animations by polish director and animator Piotr Kamler. First up is Une Mission Ephémère from 1993.
Piotr Kamler was born in Warsaw in 1936. He is a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Art. In 1959 he went to Paris to continue his art studies. It was there that he came into contact with Research Department at ORTF( directed by Pierre Schaeffer) and began to collaborate with “concrete” musicians such as Xenakis on experimental shorts( musical abstract films and “fables”) The ORTF Research Department which was later taken over by INA, was a hothouse for talent, enabling diverse artists such as Peter Foldes, Robert Lapoujade , Jacques Espagne, Jacques Rouxel, Andre Martin and Michel Boschet, Jacques Colombat, Jean-Francois Laguionie, Henry Lacam and Kamler to carry out a large number of bold and innovative personal projects.

2 min. extract from Chronopolis, 1982

The Spiderelephant, 1968