Emma Allen – Ruby

Posted by Fabio 11 November 2013

An animated self-portrait by London-based artist Emma Allen, exploring the idea of rebirth and illustrating the transfer of energy from one incarnation to another. Emma painted this stop frame animation on her own face over 5 days, using some face paints, a mirror and a camera.


Sefton’s Dream

Posted by Fabio 7 November 2013

A hurried journey through a dream sequence. An animation made using inks, acetate, and an old SEGA graphic board video game from 1985. Directed and animated by Michael Aubtin Madadi.


The New America

Posted by Fabio 7 November 2013

The New America by Nando Costa, is a short animation in which every frame was created by laser engraving its unique artwork onto a solid block of maple. Once complete, the entire sequence of +800 frames was then photographed and assembled into this motion piece.


Mooon by James Kwan

Posted by Fabio 1 November 2013

Everything in the Universe is a little bit sticky. A film by James Kwan.


Trusts & Estates

Posted by Fabio 30 October 2013

Trusts & Estates by Jeanette Bonds, is a hand-drawn animated documentary satire adapted from a conversation overheard in a Santa Monica restaurant in 2011. Four lawyers engage in a bantering dinner conversation that quickly devolves into a grotesque and brutal comedy of cruelty and hypocrisy.


Principles of a Protagonist

Posted by Fabio 3 October 2013

Principles of a Protagonist A beautiful Introspective animation by the multi-talented Chicago musician, illustrator and poet, Willis Earl Beal. read more

Ballpoint Barber

Posted by Fabio 23 September 2013

Stop-motion Reverse Haircut and Beard-cut video by Peter Simon. Ballpoint Barber took over 300 printed pages to achieve this stop motion effect.. Watch the behind the scenes below. read more


Posted by Fabio 5 September 2013

Myosis is the movie graduation from the prestigious animation school Gobelins co-directed by William Dousse Emmanuel Asquier-Santos, Ricky Cometa, Adrien Gromelle and Thibaud Petitpas. read more