We are excited to unveil a new addition to FILE, Citylikeyou. An inspirational view about creatives and their cities. At Citylikeyou selected creatives from across the world will introduce you to their favorite places, as well as a personal insight into how their work and lives are reflected by the city

Elisabeth van Sandick - Amsterdam

Elisabeth is a Dutch photographer based in Amsterdam. She has been fascinated with photography and aesthetics as well as searching for perfection and imperfection for as long as she can remember. Outdoors or on the information highway, she is always looking for images that impress or inspire her. read more

Wolfgang Landauer - Wiesbaden

Wolfgang Landauer was born near Munich in 1987. Most of his work is based within the fields of typography and photography. After finishing the Bachelor of Arts in Würzburg he is now doing his final Master degree in Mainz. His last freelance job brought him to New York where he was able to work for the magazine "Man of the World". read more

Claire Softley - London

I am an illustrator, living in Essex with my partner and our one year old son. I studied Drawing at Camberwell College of Art, graduating in 2006. After college I continued to live and work in London for several years. read more

Nieves Mingueza - Granada

Photographer and collagist, Nieves Mingueza lives in Granada, in southern Spain, where she shoots her photos and collects the materials for her collages from vintage photographs, old cinema magazines, antique papers, encyclopedias... read more

Luke Mele - Los Angeles

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, currently living and working in Los Angeles, CA. Photography keeps my eyes open. I shoot in 35mm and 120mm film. read more

Puzzleman Leung - Taipei

I have been living in Macao SAR for more than 18 years, but now lived in Taipei since my university, it is going to be the 7th years. And now I am still living here for my postgraduate degree. I like photography, I like books, so I have made some books for sale and for my friends. read more

Cristina Ara - Berlin

I was born and raised in Spain. I moved to Berlin some months ago and this city got a hold of my soul. I am trying to find my own path in life, wishing that Photography can be my thing. I think I am lost in many ways, but when I have a camera in my hands I feel good. read more

Lilli Waters - Brunswick

Lilli Waters was born in 1983 in Armidale, NSW. Fascinated with a world of fantasy rich with ethereal themes, Water's work is a mix of both digital and analogue photography using heavy layering processes to create fantastical and somewhat unsettling moods. read more