Kris Ruhs – Landing on Earth at The Wapping Project

Posted by Fabio 17 August 2012

The Wapping Project brings German-born maker, Kris Ruhs and his craft to London to coincide with the London Design Festival from 13 September until 21 October, where he will occupy the Boiler House, surrounded by films of his wonderful Milanese workshops.

Based in Milan, Ruhs moves regularly between Marrakesh, Seoul and Milan. His work has found expression in the construction of internationally renowned 10 Corso Como , which Ruhs has single-handedly turned into a Mecca of style and exquisite taste. Ruhs is a ‘magpie-maker’, staring work in his studio from 7am each morning until 10pm each night, seven days a week, everything you see at 10 Corso Como comes from this apparently chaotic, maddening, cay filled studio.