Masters From Their Day – Deerhoof

Posted by Fabio 27 November 2012

Masters From Their Day is an on-going series of short documentaries focusing on artists making records. Each episode chronicles the efforts of a band and a record-producer as they attempt to record a new single in one day. The viewer experiences the real-time creative contemplations that go into the records being made by today’s luminaries.

In their episode of Masters From Their Day, Deerhoof collaborate with an outside producer/engineer for the first time in their extensive career…and quite the producer it is. Chris Shaw has been integral to some of the most influential records of the past few decades, including Weezer’s ‘Blue Album’, Public Enemy’s ‘It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back’ and ‘Fear of a Black Planet’, Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Low End Theory’, not to mention his work with Keith Richards (a huge influence to Deerhoof), Bob Dylan…the list goes on.