Lust – Poster Wall

Posted by Fabio 20 October 2009

Dutch design studio Lust created this online poster wall in the occasion of the opening of the new Graphic Design Museum in Breda. In the museum 600 posters unique posters are automatically generated daily using content gathered from various internet sources.
‘Do we still need graphic designers’?

How It Is

Posted by Fabio 16 October 2009

Creative duo Champagne Valentine worked closely with Polish artist Miroslaw Balka to create an eerie multimedia experience for his current exhibition at the Tate Modern, How It Is, the tenth commission in The Unilever Series for the Turbine Hall.

How It Is

Ransom Note Generator

Posted by Fabio 14 October 2009

A funny little site to spend 3 minutes on. Create your own ransom notes with found typography.

Dennis De Vries

Posted by Fabio 12 October 2009

Dennis De Vries is a 18 year old design student from Holland who works across the fields of print design, identity, branding, web design and webdevelopment.

Experiments in Television

Posted by Fabio 2 October 2009

Artist Aaron Rose has been working in Portland (USA) with Weiden + Kennedy on WKE, a new forum for online programming. It’s still in its early stages but looks very promising.

Watch the trailer here