2011 RIBA Stirling Prize

Posted by Fabio 21 July 2011

The 2011 RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist has been announced. Shown here is the Folkwang Museum in Essen, Germany by previous Stirling Prize winner (2007) David Chipperfield Architects. See full lineup here.

New York by Gehry

Posted by Fabio 6 July 2011

At 870 feet tall, New York by Gehry is the tallest residential tower in the Western Hemisphere and a singular addition to the iconic Manhattan skyline. For his first residential commission in New York City, master architect Frank Gehry has reinterpreted the design language of the classic Manhattan high-rise with undulating waves of stainless steel that reflect the changing light, transforming the appearance of the building throughout the day. www.newyorkbygehry.com

Norman Mailer’s Life as Seen Through His Last Home

Posted by Fabio 3 May 2011

Author Norman Mailer expanded his fourth-floor apartment in Brooklyn Heights into a nautical adventureland and filled it with mementos of his life. Now that he and his wife are deceased, his nine children have listed the co-op for sale for $2.5 million. (New York Times)

100 abandoned houses by Kevin Bauman

Posted by Fabio 29 April 2011

The abandoned houses project started roughly ten years ago. Kevin Bauman actually began photographing abandonment in Detroit in the mid 90’s as a creative outlet, and as a way of satisfying his curiosity with the state of his home town. He had always found it to be amazing, depressing, and perplexing that a once great city could find itself in such great distress, all the while surrounded by such affluence. read more

27 The Project

Posted by Fabio 17 March 2011

27 is a joint venture between a filmmaker, two architects and a designer. They travel together to meet people engaging in the process of making the Europe of tomorrow. 27 is a journey into the heart of contemporary European architecture, under a permanent state of mutation. 27countries, 27 cultures, 27 architects build according to their own rules, and their own history while giving contribution for the construction of a common space : Europe. www.fatcat.fr

Lee Mawdsley

Posted by Fabio 20 January 2011

Photos by London based photographer Lee Mawdsley documenting the creation of The Shard, a skyscraper under construction in Southwark, London by Italian architect Renzo Piano.
The Shard is to be completed in 2012.


William Krisel

Posted by Fabio 3 December 2010

William Krisel is one of the few mid-century modern architects who has not only lived to see, but also participate in the resurgence of modernism in Palm Springs. Over the course of his fifty-one year career, he is personally responsible for having designed well over thirty thousand domestic units in and around the Southern half of California. read more


Posted by Fabio 18 November 2010

Popel Coumou looks for the romanticism in geometry and human absence. The way the outline of a dusty window is projected on a bleak floor shows the almost tangible loneliness in her photographs. Nevertheless the source of these works is a lot less evident than first suspected. read more