FILE Mixtape – Νίκος Μόσχος (Nikos Moschos)

Posted by Fabio 7 July 2011

Greek artist Νίκος Μόσχος (Nikos Moschos) is our latest FILE Mixtape contributor. Nikos Moschos was born 1979 in Herakleio, Crete and was first taught to draw by his farther. From 1997 to 2003 Nikos studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts and had his first exhibition in 2000 in the city of his birthplace, Herakleio. Over the 2006-2007 period he made copies of paintings for the full length feature film “El Greco” by G. Smaragdis and in 2008, eight of his works were included in Natassa Bofiliou’s CD “Μεχρι το τέλος” (Until the end), which was published by “Mikri Arktos”. Now, enjoy Nikos Mixtape.

1. Scott Joplin – The Entertainer
2. Frank Zappa – Camarillo Brillo
3. Tom Waits – Underground
4. Yannis Angelakas – Okeanos (Ocean)
5. Massive Attack – Man Next Door
6. Tool – Aenima
7. Wim Mertens – Augustus
8. Pink Floyd – High Hopes
9. Philip Glass – Metamorphosis Four
10. Chopin – Nocturne No.13 in c minor, op. 48/1

Click here to download Mixtape