Lorenzo Vitturi – Dalston Anatomy

Posted by Fabio 21 August 2019

Dalston Anatomy is a visual celebration of the Ridley Road Market in East London. The project was presented for the first time in 2013 as a photo-book, a month-long performance, and installations. Vitturi recognised the market as a unique place where different communities and cultures coexist, and decided to capture the energy and traces of this place before it transformed beyond recognition.

Having lived in the area for seven years, Vitturi visited the market daily and witnessed the local community, its economy and the very nature of the market changing around him with striking acceleration. From this complex process of transformation, stems Vitturi’s compulsion to collect and picture objects and people encountered at the market. Organic materials were left to rot, manipulated with pigment or deconstructed and then rearranged in compositions and photographed against discarded market materials before and after their collapse. The ephemerality of these sculptures mirrors the impermanent nature of a rapidly changing neighborhood, while their reintroduction in the exhibition space as photographic images, allows reflections on constant cycles of production, destruction, and recreation.