Ida Taavitsainen

Posted by Fabio 5 June 2012

Images taken from the collection ‘In memory of my wardrobe’ by Finnish photographer, Ida Taavitsainen.

‘Lizard skin – how decadent!’ my grandmother said. ‘I’d never buy that anymore, but I guess that’s what the 1980’s were like’. I wouldn’t buy lizard skin either, but I’m thankful to my grandmother and to the 1980’s for giving me this beautiful handbag.

My grandmother went to many fancy parties. I wonder whether this was the dress she wore when she was invited to have dinner with the King and Queen of Sweden. Could it be that some of the Royal grandeur rubbed off on the dress? Once when I wore the dress, I was told I look like a queen.

My grandfather bought the fabric in Scotland, my grandmother designed the suit and her loyal seamstress made it for her. It was one of my grandmother’s favourite suits. She wore it for many years at lunches and receptions when she had to look presentable. I decided to continue the tradition, and am loyal to my grandmother in that I’ve also worn the suit or jacket at occasions when I’ve needed to look presentable._Ida Taavitsainen