Guglielmo Giomi – Public Privacy #1 (this is not Beach Therapy)

Posted by Fabio 19 August 2019

Is there any real border public or private? Do we consider public spaces in the same way? In a world where social networks and non-lieux are more and more widespread all over the globe, the line between me, you and others becomes blurred. The perception of the intimate field is different from every individual. With an aseptic view from above, these photos (taken on the city beach of San Sebastian) want to make you aware of the public privacy in our lives. How do you feel? _Guglielmo Giomi

Guglielmo Giomi is a designer and photographer from Tuscany, graduated in Communication Design (BA) from Politecnico di Milano in 2017. In the same year he worked as freelance art director in Florence (ITA) collaborating with the visual design studio Appartamento Studio, together with Pietro Giovanardi and Irene Manetti. In his personal work, Guglielmo is interested in the power of photography in shaping everyday landscapes and relationships. In the practice, Guglielmo puts attention on research, execution, as well as on distribution and dissemination of the project, both in digital and printed matters.